CNN historian says if Donald Trump runs for re-election in 2024 it will be a constitutional crisis 


Presidential historian and former Biden speechwriter Jon Meacham said that he believes if ex-President Donald Trump runs for a third time in 2024, America may be thrown into a civil war as Democrats continue to press for voting rights legislation. 

Meacham, a regular CNN contributor, appeared on Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday show on the network, where the host said Trump will claim he won regardless of the results in 2024. 

‘Doesn’t that present us with a constitutional crisis?’ Zakarias asked.

‘I think it’s an unfolding one,’ Meacham replied, calling it ‘an interesting use of the word crisis.’  

Meacham said the riot at the Capitol on January 6 was the closest America came to forfeiting its Democracy since the Civil War. 

‘I think we came as close to losing the Constitution… that day as we have since Fort Sumter,’ he said.  

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