CNN Duped into Posting Raunchy New Year’s Eve Prank Tweets


Alex Wong/Getty Images

CNN just got Bart Simpsoned.

A Twitter troll, armed with a small collection of fake accounts with ridiculously stupid names, managed to get CNN to fill its screen’s ticker on New Year’s Eve with tweets from “Ben Dover,” “Mike Oxlong” and “Dixie Normus.”

Meanwhile, what may be two other trolls got airtime for messages from “Anita Blackman” and “Deeko Giganto.”

CNN aired the tweets as scrolling text at the bottom of the screen during its live countdown to the end of 2021, which was hosted by journalist Anderson Cooper and TV personality Andy Cohen.

“Another shot @Andy,” said a 10 p.m. tweet from @DixieNormussss.

“Regina King is slaying the game looking better than ever!” said the 11:34 p.m. tweet from @BenDover837.

“Regina is wonderful! Love her as well as Andy and Anderson of course,” said a 11:20 p.m. tweet

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