Clinton County eyes Port William, I-71 interchanges for potential water/sewer improvements


WILMINGTON — County officials are looking at possible water or sewer improvements at the two local I-71 interchanges for development opportunities.

The consulting services firm IBI Group performed a study to evaluate options to provide public water and sewer services for the village of Port William, as well as options to provide the same two services for the area at State Route 73 and Interstate 71.

Clinton County Commissioners President Mike McCarty has said if you’re wanting to get a public water or sewer project done, he feels “it’s kind of a ripe environment” given the state and federal funding that’s out there now.

Currently, Port William has neither a public water system nor a municipal sewer collection system.

The SR 73/I-71 area does not have public sewer, but the Western Water Co. does go through the area providing water although it doesn’t have lines to…

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