CIRCUS CIRCUS: First GOP Cattle Call Turns into Clown Show


Republicans brought their own show to Vegas and it did not disappoint. It had everything, from petty subtweets to drama that made every story.

Some Republicans tried to distance themselves from Donald Trump and his MAGA politics that were rejected by millions of Americans and led to a dramatic underperformance by MAGA candidates across the country. But let’s not forget: New Hampshire GOP Governor Chris Sununu, who styles himself a “moderate,” literally campaigned alongside known election denier Don Bolduc (and even bearhugged him after Bolduc won his primary).

Washington Post: “New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu implored Republicans to stop nominating ‘crazy, unelectable candidates’ at the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting here…” 

USA Today: “‘We keep losing and losing and losing,’ said former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie……

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