Christmas Day Bombing Raised Fears of Donald Trump Conspiracists as Terrorists


In this daily series, Newsweek explores the steps that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot.

At 5:30 a.m. on December 25, Christmas Day, a large mobile home detonated on a deserted stretch of 2nd Avenue North in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, nearly collapsing one building and damaging 41 others, shattering windows and sending shrapnel into the early morning street. Trees were knocked to the ground, and Second Avenue took on the charred look of a battleground.

Eight people were injured, including three bystanders who were hospitalized. Two Nashville police officers who had just arrived in the area after the RV broadcast warning messages also received minor injuries.

The message broadcast loudly was “This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

Police close off an area damaged by an explosion on Christmas morning on December 25, 2020 in Nashville,…

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