China replaces Xinjang Communist Party chief who oversaw persecution of Uyghurs: report


China has replaced the Communist Party chief in the Xinjiang region who was responsible for overseeing the security crackdown targeting Uyghurs, the ethnic minority group native to Xinjiang and other Muslims, according to reports

Xinjiang’s Communist Party chief Chen Quanguo, 66, will reportedly move into to another post and will be replaced by Ma Xingrui, the governor of the Guangdong province, state news agency Xinhua reported on Saturday.

Chen is considered to be the senior official responsible for the security crackdown in Xinjiang, Reuters reported.

The news agency did not provide any further details on Chen’s new post. 

The U.S. has accused China of committing genocide against Uyghurs, the ethnic minority group native to Xinjiang. 

Researchers have estimated that over 1 million Uyghurs and other minorities are confined in forced labor camps in the region. However, China…

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