Cheney has 3 options going forward, by Carl P. Leubsdorf | Columnists


Routed in her bid to retain her Wyoming House seat, Rep. Liz Cheney made clear this is only the start of her battle to keep Donald Trump from returning to the White House in 2024.

As an initial step, she announced the day after her election defeat that she is renaming her campaign committee “The Great Task” and plans to launch a nationwide effort to ensure that “people all around this country understand the stakes.”

She made clear that could include an election challenge to Trump in 2024, either as a Republican or an independent. “It is something I am thinking about” and will decide “in the coming months,” she said in an interview on NBC.

Either course would be fraught with difficulty and prone to unanticipated consequences. But unless she formally runs, she may have difficulty remaining part…

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