Chefs defend Vice President Kamala Harris’ pricey French cookware purchase


Call it a tempest in a stewpot.

Vice President Kamala Harris is making headlines for her purchase of what some consider pricey cookware while on a recent trip to Paris. Specifically, Harris shopped at E. Dehillerin, a legendary culinary emporium near Les Halles that has a history dating back to 1820.

“I just want to buy a pot,” she told reporters during the Nov. 13 visit, a portion of which was shown on C-SPAN. In a response to a question, Harris added that she was shopping with Thanksgiving cooking in mind.

A report posted Tuesday on the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, indicated Harris’s purchases had totaled 516 euros, or about $580, and included a copper dish and a copper frying pan.

The visit led to suggestions that Harris was out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans, as the Free Beacon connected its dots:…

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