Center for Documentary Studies professor receives second Peabody Award nomination for podcast re-examining American democracy


From deep within his self-described “pillow fort,” John Biewen records his narration inside the guest room of his Durham home. It is March 2020, and the WUNC 91.5 studio where Biewen usually records his podcast has been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Biewen is five episodes into the fourth season of his renowned podcast “Scene on Radio.

Surrounded by pillows, Biewen sits in his impromptu home studio, creating the twelve-part series that would become his second George Foster Peabody Award nomination in May 2021.

This season, “The Land That Has Never Been Yet,” reevaluates the United States’ political foundations and analyzes the voices that are often left out of the nation’s history. Through interviews with leading historians, Biewen questions whether the U.S….

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