Celebrating Lynne Hale, Lucasfilm Legend


There are many Lucasfilm heroes, but not all of them wield lightsabers.

Lynne Hale started at Lucasfilm over 35 years ago, the only publicity employee in the entire company at the time. Working directly with George Lucas, her first projects were Willow, Tucker, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Years later, when Star Wars entered new eras of activity and Lucasfilm began to grow, Lynne led teams and would oversee campaigns for the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, the Star Wars prequels, Red Tails, and the Star Wars sequel trilogy and standalone films. It’s quite a résumé, and one Lynne can be proud of as she enters retirement.

But what a résumé can’t convey is someone’s heart, enthusiasm, and sense of kindness. Anyone who knows Lynne will tell you that these traits are her true gifts, and…

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