Cawthorn responds to cocaine comments controversy – Carolina Journal


After a week mired in controversy over comments linking fellow Republican lawmakers to cocaine-fueled sex parties, western N.C. 11th District U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn issued a statement blaming the media for misconstruing his words.

“Corruption and unethical activities exist in Washington,” Cawthorn tweeted. “It’s an indisputable fact. If you don’t think that’s true, you’ve not witnessed the Swamp.”

Carolina Journal reported Cawthorn was called into “the principal’s office,” where House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy dressed him down, both in private and in public in front of the media.

Cawthorn did not apologize to his fellow GOP lawmakers for casting aspersions on them and cast himself as a warrior fighting the culture of corruption in Washington. He claimed it was Democrats and the media that made the allegations about cocaine use and orgies, despite the…

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