Statement on National Intelligence Estimate on Climate Change – YubaNet

Washington, D.C. October 21, 2021 – Today, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, released the following statement after the Intelligence Community released a National Intelligence Estimate on the threat of climate change: Climate change is an existential threat that will have a devastating impact on the health, economic … [Read more…]

Bill Clinton Fast Facts – ABC17NEWS

CNN Editorial Research Here’s a look at the life of Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States. Personal Birth date: August 19, 1946 Birth place: Hope, Arkansas Birth name: William Jefferson Blythe III Father: William Blythe Mother: Virginia (Kelley) Blythe Marriage: Hillary (Rodham) Clinton (October 11, 1975-present) Children: Chelsea Victoria, February 27, 1980 Education: … [Read more…]

Mitch McConnell's resignation to Trumpism – The Washington Post

Mitch McConnell’s resignation to Trumpism  The Washington Post McConnell says GOP should move beyond Trump’s “rehash” of 2020 election  Axios Trump More Popular Than McConnell As Senate Leader Urges GOP to Move Past 2020 Election  Newsweek Donald Trump is doing everything he can to hurt GOP chances in 2022 – The Global Herald  The Global Herald As Senate Majority … [Read more…]

Fox News polling shows that Fox News rhetoric on schools works

The missing piece, though, is that Garland last month issued a memo encouraging local law enforcement to take violent threats against school officials seriously — a response to an increase in hostility that stemmed from parent complaints over mask mandates and, more esoterically, teaching kids about race. This advisory was elevated by the political right … [Read more…]

Not Even Fox News Is Standing By Devin Nunes’s Latest Petty Lawsuit

Nearly three dozen national and local news organizations—including Fox News—signed an amicus brief filed Wednesday asking the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider an unusual decision from September, in which Rep. Devin Nunes’s defamation suit against journalist Ryan Lizza, now at Politico, and his former employer, Hearst Magazines, was brought back from the dead … [Read more…]