CARL GOLDEN: CNN, Fox News, and the unraveling of journalism ethics | Opinion


Cuomo, Hannity, Ingraham, along with their colleagues at competing networks, would refer to themselves as journalists but they are not reporters in the traditional sense.

Rather, they are editorialists and polemicists who are paid handsomely – not to mention book deals and lecture fees – to deliver ideologically driven and frequently inflammatory dissertations to audiences receptive to their messages and who tune in faithfully as a form of validation for their rigidly held views.

There is no objectivity in their harangues, no recognition of valid contrary points of view, and no understanding that opinions different from theirs deserve attention.

In other words, none of the components traditionally present in news are found. It is opinion only, one individual’s interpretation, ideologically right or left, of national and international events.

The communications revolution upended…

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