Can’t fly anymore: Swalwell bill targets abusive airline passengers | News


The two legislators argue that such a measure is necessary to combat a dramatic uptick in harassment, violence and generally unruly behavior from air passengers. They point to numbers from the Federal Aviation Administration that see the number of reports of such incidents rise to 5,981 unruly passenger incidents in 2021, more than three times the prior record.

Criteria for “abusive passengers” in the bill include receiving a civil penalty for “assaulting, threatening, or intimidating a crewmember”; “tampering with, interfering, compromising, modifying, or attempting to circumvent any security system, measure, or procedure related to civil aviation security,” and conviction for federal offenses “involving assaults, threats or intimidation against a crewmember on an aircraft flight.”

Banned passengers would not be allowed board any commercial flight unless they are removed from the…

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