Candidates Trade Barbs on Inflation, Trump During Senate Debate – NBC Connecticut


Should Connecticut keep an experienced senator or look to a political newcomer for a change in leadership?

That’s for voters to decide after Senator Richard Blumenthal and Republican challenger Leora Levy faced off in their only debate this election cycle.

“She told Donald Trump that she would always have his back. I’ll always have yours,” Blumenthal said.

“My opponent is a 37-year career politician. He’s out of touch with what real life is like here in Connecticut,” Levy said.

Both Blumenthal and Levy holding no punches during Wednesday’s debate in Rocky Hill, the first and only one in this election.

Levy took aim at federal spending, saying it worsened inflation resulting in higher costs for families.

“This inflation was deliberately inflicted on us by the Biden policies voted for by my opponent. Trillions of dollars in spending,” she…

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