Can We Put Election 2022 in the Rear View Mirror?—“The Sunday Political Brunch”


Sunday, November 13, 2022


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Governor Ron DeSantis is looking like the new GOP golden boy

Republicans predicted a national “red wave.” Democrat President Joe Biden on Wednesday called the Election a “strong night” for Democrats. As is often the case in politics, the hyperbole on both sides was exaggerated. Look, there was good and bad for both sides, and the truth lies somewhere in the middle (though we are still awaiting outcomes in key races). Let’s “brunch” on that this week.


“It’s Not Over Until It’s Over!” – I hate to quote famed baseball manager Yogi Berra twice in the same sentence, but this also “looking like Déjà vu all over again.” In 2020, the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia went to a runoff election on January 5, to decide which party controlled the U.S. Senate. That day Raphael Warnock (D)…

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