California Kathleen is a Pelosi puppet | Letters


With one seat in Congress, Montana needs a representative who will fight to defend Montana values, not a partisan extremist like California Kathleen Williams who will be a shill for Nancy Pelosi and other far-left Democrats who are openly hostile to our Montana way of life.

Nancy Pelosi needs Montana’s seat in Congress to stay in power. That’s why Pelosi is pouring millions of dollars into Montana trying to elect Pelosi puppet California Kathleen. You see, just like Nancy Pelosi, California Kathleen is a far-left activist from San Francisco. And Pelosi is pushing so hard, because she knows California Kathleen will help them implement their extreme agenda.

California Kathleen was radicalized at the uber-liberal University of California Berkeley, and in the legislature, she voted like she never left. From her support of higher taxes on families and small businesses, crushing…

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