Cable News Viewership Dropped After Wild 2020 – Deadline


The year 2021 was one of tumult in the news biz: Chris Cuomo fired, Brian Williams’ surprise exit, Chris Wallace bolting for a rival. And that is not even getting to the daily headlines about Tucker Carlson’s vaccine doubts and distortions, the “great replacement” theory or January 6th false flags.

The past 12 months also have been one of tune out, as all of the networks saw a significant drop in viewers.

A lot of this was to be expected, as the news cycle moved on from the four-alarm fires of the Trump administration and the momentous nature of a presidential election year. Coupled with the onset of Covid-19 shutdowns, the year 2020 was a ratings bonanza for the news business, so it’s natural that there would be a bit of a come down.

But will audiences return in 2022, with a midterm election on the calendar? Or in the next presidential election cycle?

All of the…

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