Buenos Aires Times | Hugo Chávez, George Soros and ‘My Cousin Vinny’: Giuliani gives a performance to remember


With hair dye streaming down his cheeks and his boss Donald Trump watching on television, Rudy Giuliani unleashed eyebrow-raising claims Thursday that George Soros, China and a dead Venezuelan dictator conspired with Democratic “crooks” to hand the US election to Joe Biden.

In an extraordinary 90-minute press conference at the Republican National Committee in Washington, Giuliani and other members of Trump’s legal team left no doubt they were refusing to acknowledge President-elect Biden’s win, arguing instead that a broad “national conspiracy” to deny Trump re-election was underway.

Giuliani opened with a frontal attack on “corrupt” Democratic-led cities like Detroit he accused of purposely flipping thousands of votes to Biden, spoke of “a plan from a centralized place to execute” voter fraud, and warned of an “iron curtain of censorship” denying US citizens facts about the…

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