BUDD’S BUDDIES: Ted Budd Fundraises With Beltway Buddy and D.C. Insider Nikki Haley


Earlier this month, we highlighted all of Ted Budd’s friends that he was celebrating with on National Friendship Day. Now, we’re starting a new series – Budd’s Buddies – to give voters a look into who Ted Budd is spending his time with. Today, it’s yet another closed door fundraiser with spineless, DC insider Nikki Haley.

Here’s a couple reasons why they make such great pals: 

  • Congressman Budd knows a thing or two about political expediency and flip flopping to benefit himself, so it’s only fitting that he’s hosting a private fundraiser with “one of the biggest GOP flip-floppers” herself Nikki Haley. 
  • Haley opposed Medicaid expansion in South Carolina, providing health care to hundreds of thousands of people and bringing health care jobs to the state. In Washington, Budd voted repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which includes the option for states…

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