Buck talks Big Tech: Social media sites banning presidents ‘dangerous’


Some lawmakers are hopeful 2022 will nail down reform in Big Tech and Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., agreed on “Fox Report Weekend” that some social media companies are playing a dangerous game.

REP. KEN BUCK: The problem is really in the area, for example, of desktop searches. Google has over 90% market share. And when you’ve got a 90% market share, you can determine what information people get. And in our political system that’s very dangerous. It’s also dangerous to ban a president, former president from searches on social media sites. And so I think that the real danger to our political structure comes from these monopolies and how they control information that consumers need to make wise choices…

I’d like to see the House pass these six antitrust bills – bills that are really important. The venue bill makes sure that Big Tech can’t move every case to the Northern District of…

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