Brummett: Gov. Asa Hutchinson reflects on time in office, future opportunities


Editor’s note: The author of this article is a regular columnist for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Asa Hutchinson relaxed in his state Capitol office on a gray December afternoon.

An election outcome in Georgia the night before had given him some company in a place he had staked out nationally. That would be the “non-Trump lane” of contemporary Republicanism.

A Donald Trump recruit had lost another race and, because of that, the Democrats expanded their Senate majority. Republican officeholders nationwide were rushing to say what Hutchinson had been saying for a couple of years, which was that the GOP needed to move beyond Trump.

Hutchinson chatted easily in review of the year 2022, which was good for him as he saw it, and in consideration of the year 2023, which looms curiously or even adventurously for him.

He said that, when he leaves the Governor’s Mansion in early…

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