Bruce and Barack: Cool Dudes on the State of the Nation, by Jamie Stiehm


Who would you rather hang with, Bruce Springsteen or Barack Obama? Luckily, you don’t have to choose, because Bruce and Barack have a bestselling book, “Renegades,” out, based on podcast conversations. Maybe it was under your Christmas tree.

Could that be any cooler-than-thou? Bruce and Barack, as I’ll call them, have a bro ease with each other. One sweet moment is when Springsteen asks how he should address Obama.

“Barack, man. Come on, dude.”

And so, they delved into the soul of this country. The promised land is the motif of Bruce’s bittersweet song, Barack’s recent memoir. They are believers, seekers, fellow travelers in this land.

Springsteen tells Obama, “You gave me something that I’ve never been able to give myself.” Playing campaign rallies, he enjoyed more diversity in audiences than at his concerts over the years.

The bard of New Jersey is more direct than…

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