Brave Outdoor Practice to Prep for Lambeau Field


“The field was still frozen a little bit, but I mean, it’s tough just being out there and being cold, having to bundle up a little bit,” Jefferson said. “It’s definitely tough, especially to me. I’m from Louisiana. We don’t get that cold ever, so. It’s tough, but you’ll get used to it and you’ll suck it up.”

The main point of the outdoor session, said Vikings Co-Defensive Coordinator Adam Zimmer, was to get mentally and physically ready for Sunday night.

“We practiced outside today, and we can simulate the weather a little bit here because it’s been so cold the past couple days,” Zimmer said. “We just go out there and, really, it’s to get their footing and how it feels with the grass.

“And we have the heated turf, so it’s gonna be just like the grass at Lambeau, so now we know what type of shoes we’ll wear, how to keep our shoes…

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