Blackhall Studios sale did not include 40 acres once in DeKalb County’s Intrenchment Creek Park


By David Pendered

Blackhall Studios founder Ryan Millsap has indicated he still controls the 40 acres of land within Intrenchment Creek Park that Blackhall Studios acquired in a land swap with DeKalb County. A lawsuit seeking to void the swap remains pending.

Blackhall Studios founder Ryan Millsap spoke May 4 to DeKalb County commissioners. Credit:

Millsap made this declaration to DeKalb County’s board of commissioners on May 4:

  • “The land-swap land did not sell in the Blackhall sale.”

Millsap is the founder of Blackhall Studios who announced April 28 his intent to sell the company to Commonwealth Asset Management. CWAM is based in Los Angeles and its chief investment officer is the former head of real estate investment for the investment fund founded by George Soros, according to a report on its website.

Millsap’s announcement in April…

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