Black voters were key to Biden’s 2020 win. What did they think of his first year?


Teresa Moore said she was ashamed to admit that she considered not voting in the last presidential election because she found the options “uninspiring.” Her husband advised her to “take inventory on the choices and vote.” 

So, Moore said, she pored through speeches and researched the candidates’ proposed initiatives and decided on Joe Biden, “because he promised he would not forget Black people once he got in office.”

After nearly a year of observing Biden’s work in office, Moore said she is less enthusiastic about her vote and concerned about his administration’s commitment to fulfill his campaign promises.

“I don’t want to judge too soon,” said Moore, 47, a human resources specialist in suburban Chicago, “but I can’t say I’m excited about what I have seen. I have seen bills passed protecting Asian Americans against hate crimes and other particular groups…

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