Big Takeaway From Carlson Hit Piece Is NY Times Thinks You’re Racist


The New York Times debuted a three-part series on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over the weekend, complete with an interactive graphic, all to make the same claim repeated by the paper over and over again: Carlson is racist, and so are his viewers.

More than a dozen Times reporters combed through 1,150 episodes aired over six years of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to chronicle the prime-time host’s meteoric rise to the top of cable news. “Dozens of friends and former colleagues” offered exclusive insight. Times Political Reporter and MSNBC Contributor Nicholas Confessore served as the series’ primary author.

“How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable,” headlined part one of the series in which the Times cloaked activist journalism by slapping a “news” label on it. Part two examined how Carlson’s programming inherited a growing movement of…

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