Biden’s buffoonery begins before he is even sworn in


Joe Biden’s Gerald Ford-like bumbling has begun even before he is inaugurated.

CNN gleefully reported that Ole Joe broke his foot after jumping out of the shower to playfully chase his dog which, miraculously, threw Joe a ball. His German Shepherds, which the media report he humanely “rescued” from the dog shelter (we used to call it getting a dog from the pound, but “rescuing a dog” is so much more self-aggrandizing), will be at the White House with the Bidens. The two dogs are named Graft and Corruption.

When Kamala Harris heard of the dog incident, she rushed to the hospital to demand that Joe Biden be put down immediately.

If this had happened to Trump, the media would have reported that the President got caught naked chasing German tail. Adam Schiff would then launch a Congressional investigation into the Trump family’s German connections, pointing to Ivana Trump’s…

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