Biden’s bipartisanship bungle and other commentary


From the left: Biden’s Bipartisanship Bungle

Team Biden and Democrats erred in rejecting Republicans’ offer of a $600 billion COVID relief plan in February and passing their own $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan instead, laments Bloomberg Opinion’s Matthew Yglesias. With bipartisan COVID-relief and infrastructure bills and possible bipartisan science funding, Biden “could claim to have delivered” on his vow to unite the country — and maybe even gotten Sen. Joe Manchin to back his Build Back Better plan. Instead, Dems “set aside the possibility of bipartisanship in pursuit of more far-reaching legislation,” despite their narrow majority. That now looks “like foolishness. The current slog is more reflective of the underlying political reality, and Biden and his party would almost certainly be better off today had they acknowledged this reality from the…

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