Biden’s ‘A-Team’ in Their Own Words


Max Boot’s Revenge

Beware savvy, sophisticate liberals bearing gifts of evasive and ethically empty prose. Having, for my sins, spent a few weeks reading just about everything on offer from what unrepentant neocon zealot – and born-again Washington Post columnist – Max Boot dubbed Joe Biden’s foreign policy “A-Team,” I can vouch for the new transition team’s vapidity and verisimilitude.

Put another way, Boot’s favored Biden Posse – the Iran nuke channeling, P4 (Tony Blinken, Avril Haines, Jake Sullivan, and Nicholas Burns) +1 (Michèle Flournoy) – have a rare gift for typing tons but saying little.

You’re not supposed to look under the lid of Biden’s national security transition team, because, well…uh, Trump was worse, and…there’s, like, lots of ladies in the lineup.

Worse still, what they do let slip drips with subtext of status…

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