Biden Wants to, in His Words, ‘Eviscerate the Senate’


Then-Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., condemned weakening the Senate’s tradition of extended debate as “an example of the arrogance of power,” a “power grab by the majority party” that would “eviscerate the Senate.” It was 2005, and Republicans held the White House and Congress.

Today, with Biden himself in the White House and Democrats the majority in Congress, he is calling for the same power grab in order to pass an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections. The evisceration of the Senate, however, will not stop there.

Senate rules empower the minority party by requiring a supermajority to end debate before a simple majority can pass bills or confirm nominations. The Congressional Research Service describes extended debate as one of the Senate’s “most distinctive procedural features” that pushes the majority to work with the minority.


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