Biden retreats, will shield some Trump January 6 documents – HotAir


The fight over access to former President Donald Trump’s personal papers and communications by the January 6 committee seemed to be all but over a couple of weeks ago. The question was heading to the Supreme Court after another circuit court shot down Trump’s claim of executive privilege, with no assurances that SCOTUS would definitely find in Trump’s favor. But in a somewhat surprising development, at least some of those documents will no longer be sought by the Democrats on the committee. A collection of Trump’s papers that’s being described as “hundreds of pages” will no longer be demanded, but not because of Trump’s protests. It was Joe Biden that came riding to the rescue, and the committee is agreeing to honor his wishes. (Associated Press)

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol has agreed to defer its request for hundreds of…

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