Biden ‘looked like he was in the depths of Hell’ demonizing ‘half the country’: Haley


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Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations called on President Biden to tone down virulent rhetoric about so-called “MAGA Republicans,” saying his recent speech on Independence Mall made him look like he was in the underworld.

Haley, a former South Carolina governor, said Biden is demonizing the very Americans he swore to serve, going on to suggest he is intentionally deflecting from his and his Democratic Party’s multiple crises and policy failures.

“The only anger, violence and hatred that I’m hearing is from Joe Biden. His speech the other day; he looked like he was in the depths of Hell,” she said.

“Sitting there talking about how half the country is bad just because we want life to go back to normal, just because we want our dollars to count, just because we want to know our kids are safe – just because we want to know that…

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