Biden is doing it backwards-Democrats, not Republicans, are crucifying democracy


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Again, Democrats have mastered psychological predictions. Instead of lightening the darkness of their souls, they blame Republicans for committing Democrats. Their latest claim: Republicans are endangering democracy itself.

• “The former president and his supporters have decided that the only way they can win is to curb your vote and overturn our elections,” President Joe Biden said Thursday in the US Capitol. Said at the Capitol. A year after the riots of enthusiastic Trump supporters there, Biden added, “It’s wrong. It’s undemocratic. And frankly, it’s a non-American.”

Jim Jordan rips Kamala Harris to compare January. 6-9 / 11, Pearl Harbor:’DISGUSTING’

• Before introducing Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris hinted at the voters of President Donald J. Trump as “a force trying to dismantle our…

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