Biden commission approves final report which offers NO conclusion on whether to increase justices


President Biden’s commission on the Supreme Court offered no opinion one way or the other on the possibility of the president appointing additional justices to the current nine.

The 34-member commission released its 288-page report Monday after six public meetings and the testimony of 44 witnesses. 

The committee was formed in April, as part of a campaign promise by Biden, to study court expansion and reform. Biden himself was opposed to court packing before the commission was set up. 

There have been calls from some in the Democratic Party to expand the court, facing a 6-3 conservative majority for the foreseeable future, including Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Representatives Jerry Nadler and Mondaire Jones of New York, who co-sponsored the 2021 Judiciary Act. 

President Trump was able to fill three Supreme Court seats – two of them amid controversy, as the hearings were…

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