Best Kathryn Hahn Performances, From WandaVision to Mrs. Fletcher


Kathryn Hahn knew she wanted to be an actor all along. Born outside Chicago and raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Hahn was mesmerized by the world of theatre at a young age thanks to a few artistic family members. She explained in an interview that it was her uncle Paul who worked in classical music and was her “shepherd” into the creative world, taking her to see her first opera, Hansel and Gretel. She recalls, “I remember being blown away that Hansel was played by a girl,” and that she was, “just so moved by the power of the music.” Hahn started taking acting classes as early as kindergarten and immersed herself in the theatre world as much as she could. She didn’t have any grand plans for her future, but she did know one thing: she was going to act. “There was never a backup plan. Ever.”

Slowly but surely, Hahn started getting…

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