Bee Nguyen will face Brad Raffensperger in race for Georgia secretary of state


On an overcast morning in Stafford, Virginia, CNN spoke with a number of GOP voters at the Courthouse Community Center, located in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District – a district currently represented by Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger, but one where the GOP aims to build on its gains in the November race for the Democratic-held US House seat.

Top of mind for these Republican voters Tuesday was inflation, immigration and education.

Jennie Austin, a 62-year-old voter who was undecided heading into the polls Tuesday, said she noticed rising grocery prices when mushroom soup became $2 a can. She said road improvement and gas prices were also areas of concern.

Austin, who used to be a Democrat until former President Barrack Obama’s second term and voted for former President Donald Trump in both 2020 and 2016, decried the current “mudslinging” in politics.

Cisco Cividanes, a…

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