Bay Area Reporter :: B.A.R. showcased opinionated voices


Over its 50 years in print, the Bay Area Reporter has showcased a wide array of opinionated voices on its opinion pages. Guest contributors have run the gamut from community leaders and everyday citizens to politicians and academics.

Some of the bold faced names have included Coretta Scott King and gay army veteran Joe Zuniga, both writing in 1993 against the military’s anti-gay service ban, then-U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Edward M. Kennedy, who both promoted a 1994 federal ban against LGBTQ workplace discrimination, and gay former Congressman Barney Frank criticizing the Human Rights Campaign in 1996 for donating to a committee aimed at reelecting Republicans.

Vice President Kamala Harris, in a July 19, 2006 guest opinion piece when she was serving as San Francisco’s district attorney, wrote about the need to curtail murder suspects from using “insidious” gay and…

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