Bay Area Congressman Calls for Increased Support for Ukraine – CBS San Francisco


DUBLIN (KPIX) — East Bay Congressman Eric Swalwell is urging the Biden Administration to do more to help Ukraine. He just returned from visiting with refugees near the Ukrainian border.

“You just left with the sense of ‘can we do more to make sure that these people can return to their home?’” said Rep. Swalwell, who represents the 15th Congressional District.

Swalwell witnessed the humanitarian crisis as he greeted a trainload of Ukrainian refugees pulling into the Hungary bordertown of Zahony.

“It was just so heartbreaking to see so many women and children getting off of a train as the men stayed in Ukraine to fight the Russians. And I saw moms, just like my wife, with young kids trying to usher them to a safer place but with just one big suitcase and a lot of uncertainty and anxiety as they went into a new country,” Swalwell said.

The Zahony trip was part of a five-day…

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