Bangkok to Reader: Roger Stone Was Actually Convicted of Very Minor Stuff – Stop Hating Every Trump-Connected Individual – Frank Report


Bangkok has a reply:

By Bangkok 

With all due respect, ‘Cast the First Stone,’ your attitude gives away your own financial status.

People that are broke often hate wealthier people.

…And if those wealthier people are Republicans, well, then they’re hated even worse by people like you.

He already explained why he couldn’t pay back the $800k yet. He’s been footing enormous legal bills and other expenses —– and he doesn’t have the cash to pay it off right now.

By the way… Since you care so much about taxes being paid…

Why didn’t Al Sharpton pay his taxes in full when they were due? He owed MILLIONS in back taxes.

Al Sharpton reportedly owed $4.7 million in back taxes. Keep in mind, however, that the government inflates tax liability adding penalties and interest that can quadruple the amount due – then they often settle for pennies on the…

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