B.C. antimask activists decry McDonald’s, George Soros, and the official history of the Second World War


One of Vancouver’s more vocal antimask advocates has made an unproven allegation about McDonald’s restaurants.

In a livestream over Facebook on February 27, Odessa Orlewicz alleged that “child meat” was found in the company’s warehouses. She based her claim on an article she’d read and a documentary that she had seen.

“Why is this not on every front page of every newspaper?” Orlewicz declared as she was doing the livestream on Hornby Street. “Why is this not on Global News? The coverup is so insane.”

There’s been no independent confirmation of this by any government organization. Back in 2014, the fact-checking website Snopes declared that a claim of human meat in an Oklahoma City McDonald’s outlet was false.

Orlewicz hosts shows on Canadian Liberty Talks, which offers an online forum for other antimask advocates.

She’s also part of the “Great Reset Summit”, which premieres live on March…

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