Avalinn Rackley: Donald and Melania Trump bring festive cheer to tornado survivor


Donald and Melania Trump turned Santa for a little girl in Missouri who is currently recovering from brain trauma. The multi-state tornado brought devastation to Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee earlier this month affecting hundreds of families. The Rackleys from Missouri were one of them, and the Trumps helped bring a smile to their faces on Christmas day. A video of 7-year-old Avalinn Rackley’s endearing reaction to the gifts is going viral on the Internet resulting in the Trumps’ gaining brownie points in return. 

Donald Trump appears to be having a great December. Last week, Joe Biden praises the former President’s administration and the scientific community for making America one of the first countries to get the vaccine. He mentioned Trump in the speech that he made to address the Omicron variant’s spread in the country and acknowledged that the former…

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