Automakers Need To Hit 40 MPG Average Fuel Economy By 2026


One of the Trump administration’s most impactful moves, at least when it came to the US auto industry, was to roll back the aggressive US vehicle emissions restrictions implemented during the Obama years. In effect, it meant that rather than having to meet the 5% annual increases in fuel economy through 2026 called for under Barak Obama, carmakers would only need to manage 1.5% efficiency gains each year. It was a big win for the Detroit Three, which rely on market-driven demand and sales for their V8-engine-powered trucks and SUVs. Vehicles such as the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban, and Ram 1500 pickup trucks are all examples of such vehicles.

40 MPG By 2026

Unfortunately for the auto industry, the US is officially on track again to drastically cut new vehicle emissions, as the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week finalized new regulations that call for a…

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