At the Races: Hearing today, gone tomorrow?


Biggest campaign regret: “My biggest campaign regret was from the independent redistricting campaign in 2019, where I believed that Gov. [Chris] Sununu was going to sign the bill and I got my hopes up,” he said. Sununu vetoed a measure that would have created an independent redistricting commission. “We did a congratulations ad in the Union Leader, full page, with the Republican leader in the Senate and the Democratic leader on the bill in the House being like, ‘Hey, we did it, this is really exciting. We’re leading the nation in protecting democracy,’ and we had every expectation that it was going to go to the governor’s desk to get signed,” he said. “I believed it was going to happen, and when the governor vetoed it at, like, 4:30 on a summer Friday afternoon, that was particularly crushing and a valuable lesson in, like, run through the tape.”


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