Asked and Answered: Local artist Jo’l Moore


Local artist, Jo’l Moore, enjoys creating, drinking, smoking and would have some interesting questions for Eve


Jo’l Moore, of Rio Communities, is a local artist and the operational manager of Books on Becker (since March 2021). She is the past president (three years) and current treasurer for the Belen Art League, vice president of the Friends of the Belen Public Library (since September 2021). She has a master’s degree in psychotherapy and counseling. She and her husband, John, have seven children and eight grandchildren. They have a blended family.



 What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?


 “Not getting pulled over. My mind wanders so much so I have to focus on speed, lights, stop signs and other cars. I get distracted by how lights reflect against shadows, by the curve of the Rio Grande, the shape of cottonwood trees and bumper…

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