As Trump visits Vegas, his presidential odds are fading | VICTOR JOECKS


Donald Trump’s visit to Las Vegas on Friday is a good time to check in on his presidential chances, which are falling fast.

Trump is in town for an event at Treasure Island with Adam Laxalt and Joe Lombardo. Trump endorsed both men in their primaries. Unlike some of Trump’s other selections, both will be strong general election candidates.

The same can’t be said for Trump himself if he runs for president in 2024. Unfortunately, another Trump run seems inevitable. Reportedly, he’s considering officially declaring his candidacy within the next few weeks.

That would be a tactical mistake. It puts him in a no-win situation for November. If Republicans do well in the midterms, he would receive little credit because that was expected. If Republicans underwhelm, he would look like an electoral anchor and a surefire loser in 2024.

Instead of declaring, he would be better off…

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