As the arrows whiz by


A reader writes to say we need arrows because surely Joe Biden and Sarah Huckabee Sanders getupward ones and Donald Trump downward.

When they’re that obvious, there may not be much need.

But we aim to serve. And I see an opportunity to dig deeper, to go partially against the grain.

⬆ Joe Biden–The relevant measurement is against expectations, and mine were that his party would lose the House widely and the Senate a little, largely because he’s uncertain and inept. Apparently he isn’t–inept, I mean–altogether.

One also measures against alternatives, and the Democrats have none and the Republicans are still not shed of the monstrosity they lacked the courage and conviction–the simple decency–to reject, time and again.

⬇ Donald Trump–See preceding item. He can’t be elected president again, but he can stagger to 30 percent pluralities in Republican primaries and get nominated…

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