AP photographer recalls Capitol siege


WASHINGTON – The U.S. Capitol was under siege. By Americans.

It was Jan. 6, 2021, on Capitol Hill in Washington, and Associated Press photographer J. Scott Applewhite was in the middle of it all — and was the eyes of the world in some respects. His camera recorded images that we are still gazing at today.

Here, he remembers some moments that stood out to him — moments that, so many months later, he is still processing as a photojournalist and as an American.


“The Capitol has been breached!” the Capitol Police officer shouted to lawmakers. Tear gas was in the Rotunda. “Get out your escape hoods and prepare to evacuate!” the officer said.

Glass was breaking in the main door to the chamber of the House of Representatives — the very door where you see the president enter for the State of the Union address. Quickly, the police and a few lawmakers grabbed benches and…

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