ANC of Illinois begins series of meetings with local elected officials

Pictured clockwise from top left: ANC of Illinois member Kenneth Hachikian, Anoush Bargamian, Marshele Bryant, Thomas Buechele

CHICAGO, Ill.—The Chicago Christapor Gomideh of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) wishes all of you a very safe, healthy and Merry Christmas and New Year. During this festive time, please do not forget about what is happening in our homeland.

  • Over 200 POWs continue to be tortured and abused by Azeri authorities
  • Azerbaijan is setting up custom checkpoints on the Goris/Kapan road in Armenia
  • Meetings are being held at the highest levels with our enemies without knowing what is being discussed or negotiated
  • Armenia’s government consistently overlooks the constitution when making decisions within parliament
  • Opposition parties continue to be oppressed

The ARF, alongside the Armenian National Committee (ANC) of Illinois, has begun organizing…

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