An Asia Command Structure to Meet the Challenge – Jewish Policy Center

Taiwanese soldiers watch as a Chinook helicopter carrying a large Taiwan flag flies over a military camp.

Even under ideal circumstances for the U.S. government, dealing with a possible confrontation with China is a problem that is, in many ways, intractable. And our circumstances are far from ideal. The U.S. economy is dangerously and closely linked to China, particularly in the high tech sector, making confrontation risky economically for both parties, but especially for the United States. China has also grown a significant military which, even though it is untested, presents a formidable problem for a status quo power such as the U.S. In addition, because of the long wars that took place in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the condition of the US Army and Air Force are, to put it mildly, considerably degraded.

Beginning with President Barak Obama’s so-called…

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